How to Incorporate Protein Into Your Eating Lifestyle

Protein is the main building block of muscles, organs, and glands. Incorporating it into your diet helps to feed and maintain your muscles as wells as help your body repair cells and make new ones. That being said, there is no doubt that it plays a vital role in your eating lifestyle. But sometimes you can get “fed up” with its consumption. One more bite of chicken breast and you might just start sqauwking!

Fortunately, the existence of protein supplements provides an easy, fast, and delicious way to contribute to your daily requirements.

Here are three tips to help you incorporate protein into your eating lifestyle:

Tip #1: Whey to the Rescue: Whey is the purest form of protein. It is derived from milk and separated during the cheese making process. Whey powder comes in all flavors including the all time favorites, chocolate and vanilla. It is a lifesaver when it comes to breakfast. You can choose to blend a whey shake with ice and water or incorporate the whey powder directly into your breakfast option. I’m known for mixing a scoop of whey powder directly into my cooked oatmeal or dry cereal. One scoop of my whey powder provides me with 23 grams of protein. I also love ready-to-drink whey shakes because my mornings are usually hectic.

Tip #2: Grab a Shake: A high-protein, low-carb meal replacement shake is a great way to contribute to the fulfillment of your protein requirement. I usually opt for a shake after my intense morning workout which refuels and recharges me.

Tip #3: Pack a Bar: A protein bar is another great way to pack in your protein. If I’m short on time I’ll opt for a bar instead of a shake, especially if I’m on the run. They are so convenient. You can just throw them in your gym bag or purse for their impending consumption. I also utilize bars as an afternoon snack. Make sure the bar you choose is low in sugar, carbs, and sodium!

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A Healthy Diet and Lifestyle – The Foundation to Successful Weight Loss

We’ve all been tempted by quick fix diets, weight loss inventions and other quick, easy weight loss schemes. I know I have. The truth is, the foundation to successful weight watching is a healthy diet and lifestyle, combined with exercise.

This is easier said than done with today’s fast paced, constantly on the go lifestyle that most of us live. It sure seems easier to run through a fast food drive through for lunch or grab a mocha latte for a pick me up. I’m guilty of doing this myself. But in the long run, you’ll save time and energy by simply having a healthy diet and lifestyle plus exercising 30 minutes a day.

The pants tell the truth. How many of you are in the same size you were a year or two ago? Many of us aren’t. The statistics about obesity in America are staggering. Six out of 10 adults Americans are over weight and 17% of our children are overweight or obese.

We need to make real, long term lifestyle changes to win the battle against the bulging waistline.

So how do you make changes to your lifestyle that will result in healthy living? Here are 5 simple tips to watch your waistline:

1. Be consistent with eating and exercise choices – consistency is the key to getting the results you want. To keep your body at the weight you want, you’ll need to eat better and be more active for your whole life.

2. Enjoy healthier foods – reach for fruits, veggies and balanced meals rather than the fast food value meal of a mocha latte. These are high in fat, sugar and calories, but low in nutritional value and can quickly add inches to your waistline.

3. Get active, stay active – exercise is critical to maintaining a healthy weight. Strive for a balance between a healthy diet and lifestyle plus physical activity. Your waistline and your energy levels will both thank you.

4. Change your lifestyle – take it slow and smart. Make subtle changes rather than drastic ones. An all or nothing approach may work short term, but you’ll end up frustrating yourself and make it more difficult to stay with a healthy lifestyle.

5. Be patient – we all want instant results, but the reality is that watching your waistline takes work and time. Recognize the small achievements. They will add up over time.

Remember, the foundation to successful weight watching is a healthy diet and lifestyle, combined with exercise. If you can do that and stick to it, you will be well on your way to a healthier, happier life.