Choosing The Perfect Baby Gift

Looking for the perfect baby gift? Tired of seeing the ‘same old thing’ at every department store? Are you certain that everyone will be giving the exact gift as you? Here are some great ideas for choosing the perfect baby gift that will be remembered for years to come.

Many people give baby blankets as a baby shower or newborn gift, but by giving a quality, personalized baby blanket you will make yours stand out and become a family heirloom. You can also find ‘lovie blankets’ with adorable stuffies attached to the blanket for baby to cuddle.

If you can’t decide on just one gift and you’d like to give a variety of gifts, then a baby gift basket is a great idea. They come filled with useful and decorative baby gifts in just about any theme imaginable. You can even personalize some baby gift baskets to match the baby’s gender or the nursery theme the mom-to-be has picked out. There’s tons of ideas for how to arrange or fill your baby gift basket. Some baby shower guests even create wonderful personal or gourmet gift baskets just for the mom or both parents to be. What a great way to show you’re thinking of them and to help settle any unsteady nerves.

Other good choices for baby gifts are essential items like diapers, baby wipes, baby lotion or soap, a baby tub, crib sheets etc. A new mom can never have enough of these items, and they are great when given as a big gift basket, for example by using the baby tub or baby carrier as the ‘basket’ and filling it with essentials. Organic or all natural baby items are also a wonderful and unique way to go in baby gift ideas. Many moms choose to use cloth diapers and will treasure the thought not to mention the gift.

The most loved baby gifts are those that are given by a thoughtful friend or family member. It’s not hard to find that very special baby gift. Just be creative and take your time choosing your gift. Make sure to find baby gift stores or websites where not everyone is shopping, and you’re sure to find something different and unique to give. Stop and think about what the mom will need right after the baby arrives and also what they both may need in the future. Make this a special time for everyone to remember.

The Fail Proof Gift Recipe

Remember that fantastic feeling of satisfaction after buying that perfect gift? Wasn’t that a great feeling? Knowing that for once, you had managed to find the perfect present. The truth is that 90% of our gifts suck. For every great gift, we usually give 4 mediocre gifts and one complete failure.

Pay attention because what follows is a formula for great gifts. Follow these steps and you will increase your chances of finding that perfect gift:

1. Fulfill a Need

Often times we hear loved ones mentioning things in passing such as “Wow, I have the most uncomfortable pillow known to mankind,” or “My job would be so much easier if I had a proper cheese grater”. These are needs which we, as gift givers, are able to use to our advantage. Act on these needs and the receiver will think of you as they use your gift over and over again.

2. Age Specific

Often times we give gifts that, in reality, are more suited for ourselves. Put yourself in the shoes of the person you are buying for. What generation are they from and what is their perspective on the gift? Many grandparents grew up in the great depression or during the Second World War. Their perspective is very different. Buy appropriately.

3. On Time

This is an obvious and important point. Anniversaries have the least leniency as you usually see your spouse daily and there are usually very little excuses that are valid. Birthdays, Weddings and Christmas are perhaps a little more lenient. Christmas gifts should be delivered on the day of and if not, then definitely within the Christmas holidays. Birthdays of extended family and friends is the exception. Giving them your gift the next time you see them is acceptable in most family circles.

4. Cost

More expensive is not always better. Many times the person receiving the gift will feel morally obligated to return a gift of equal value down the road. Giving a gift that matches the receivers financial circumstances is the unspoken rule.

The same rules do not apply when giving to the extremely wealthy. Staying within your own budget constraints is socially acceptable. But the onus is on you to find a gift that has more of a personal touch.

5. Card

A card is like the candles on the cake. A card sets the mood and adds to the anticipation. Consider making a card from scratch. This can be as simple as printing out a picture of the recipient and writing on the back. Don’t forget to put it in an envelope.

Gifts are more than just wrapped up items. There are many subtleties such as timing and presentation that go a long way in creating the perfect gift. Nailing all of these gives your gift just that little more of a bang.

Diwali Gift for Corporate Friends

Diwali is an excellent time for Indian corporate world. The companies take it as brilliant opportunity to fabricate association with employees, business partners and clients by pampering them. Diwali is one of the biggest occasions for appreciating the efforts of your colleagues and clients also. A thoughtful and amazing Corporate Diwali Gift expresses your best wishes & gratitude in a great way and thus helps fortify the bond of conviction between you two.

Corporate gifts can be a unique in a way as if company has its logo or name on the gift; it can also promote the company. An out of box thought about the placement of traditional promotional products and unique corporate gifts effectively advertise your business.

Unique Business or corporate gifts create long-lasting impressions and ensures a positive gesture that resonates with your brand and corporate clients, channel partners, colleagues as well.

Practically wide variety of promotional items, from inexpensive corporate executive gifts such as pure desi ghee sweets, dry fruits, homemade chocolates to show pieces to tabletop clocks, to more expensive and exclusive gifts such as electronic gadgets & apparel are available in market. A range of engraved corporate gifts sets for big festivals like Diwali and Christmas are perhaps show a sign of loyalty being valued.

Besides the conventional ones, wide array of unique corporate gifting ideas are available in the market. The rising popularity of custom promotional products, personalized and unique gift items

has given wings to creativity. You can use your imagination and design the hamper of a package of sweets, dry fruits, chocolates and assorted gifts, customize bumper stickers to personalized pens.

Brain-storming range of gifts in the market for corporate confuse managers in selecting the best corporate Diwali gift. We are here for you to get rid of worry with thoughtful, popular and appreciated corporate Diwali Gift ideas.

Gourmet Gifts

Diwali is the time to relish on good food. Connoisseur gifts are the most popular Diwali gift idea for your employees. Hampers of sweets, dry fruits, cookies and chocolates ranges from few hundred rupees to thousands. This exciting gift reflects your good wishes for your dear colleagues and business associates. Popular branded gift hampers by ‘Haldiram’, ‘Cadbury’s’, ‘Bikaji’ etc. are good choice.

Electronic Gadgets

Gifting an Electronic gadget is also a popular appreciated Diwali Gift. Here the budget is a major concern. Popular electronic gadget gifts for Diwali include iPods, digital cameras, handy-cam, MP3 Players and DVD Players. Home appliance like steam Iron, Toasters, Microwave, Coffee-Makers, Electronic Kettles also find their place in this category. If the budget is pretty high LCD TVs and Laptops are a good choice.


The tradition of gifting Crockery is still the most sought after gift on Diwali. A range of bar accessories to one who loves hard drinks or tea or dinner set or some stylish glassware is an attractive Diwali gift idea. If the budget allows go for silver plated tea sets or other accessories.

Other preferred Diwali gifts for corporate include paintings, candle stands, sculptures, flower vases, puja accessories silver pens, gold coins, portfolio bags, business organizers, time-pieces, coaster sets, reading lamps, “Feng Shui” gifts and coffee table books.